We want to hear from people interested in joining the Board of Directors of LTO Ventures.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to be directly involved in the development of a new model for live/work/play residential communities for adults with autism.

Areas of Expertise
We are most interested in hearing from people in the competency areas listed below.  Ideal candidates presently hold, or recently held, a similar title or scope of responsibilities.   Our preference is for persons in Southern Nevada, but we are an organization with national aspirations and welcome hearing from appropriate candidates anywhere in the U.S.

  • Chief Financial Officer or Director of Finance.  We desire an experienced professional who can guide us on the complex financials and compliance for a mixed-use community of this size.
  • Architect or Builder.  We desire a proven professional from an architectural or planning firm, or from a residential or commercial builder who understands the steps from raw dirt to habitable space.
  • Fundraising professional, banker, philanthropic professional.  The ideal candidate is someone who has demonstrable experience getting large checks from high net worth donors, foundations and corporations, and who knows how to turn a modest amount of money into a lot of money.
  • Lawyer. We’re looking for a Nevada-based lawyer with a practice or experience in non-profit companies, and/or housing and employment for adults who are disabled.
  • Service provider.  We’d really like to have someone who has worked with a provider of residential and employment services to adults who are disabled.
  • Lobbyist or government relations expert (local/state).  Someone who can open doors for us at a local level for zoning and incentives, and ideally who also has a track record in Carson City.
  • Adult(s) with autism.  It seems obvious, but we think it’s very important to have on our board someone who is diagnosed with autism and is a candidate to live, work and play in our communities.

General Qualities and Attributes

The general qualities and attributes we desire in prospective new members of our board:

  • People who have “done it before” in their professional and/or personal lives in one or more of the areas identified above
  • Personal and/or professional connection to autism, especially adults with autism
  • Subject matter expert in one of the areas of expertise listed above
  • Makes a serious commitment to the LTO Ventures vision and model
  • Not afraid to ask for money or donation in-kind of services
  • Can and will attend every board meeting, including showing up on time and prepared, and staying informed about company and board matters between meetings
  • Gets to know the other board members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus and advancement of the mission

If you think you meet the criteria above and have a sincere interest in being considered for our board of directors, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact President & CEO Mark Olson at