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  • September 2014 (LAST 24 Hours to Take NV Autism Survey, CEU Points Added to Els for Autism Conference, Adults & Aging Subcommittee Mtg. Sept. 19th)
  • August 2014 (NV Autism Commission 5-Year Strategic Plan Consumer Survey; Els for Autism Conference; Large Donations Close in on 2014 Goal)
  • May 2014 (5-Year Strategic Plan Announcement; Coalition for Community Choice update)
  • December 2013 (End-of-Year Donations, 2013 Accomplishments, 2014 Plans, Jenai Gaccione Joins Board; Coalition for Community Choice, Thanks to Our Supporters)
  • November 2013 (Lindsay Turns 18, Angela Burnette Joins Board, Nevada’s US Representatives Join CMS Fight)
  • July 2013 (Our Maryland Community; Entrepreneur Center home; National Housing Survey; Politicians Join CMS Fight; Donate and Get Free Stuff; Facebook Posts)
  • April 2013 (Artists for Autism Event; Mark Olson on 2 Roundtables at AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference; LTO Ventures Joins Autism Housing Experts at “Spectrum of Possibilities” Policy Summit)
  • February 2013 (Autism Entrepreneurs Center March Schedule & Special Guest Speaker; Plus Calendar & News)
  • January 2013 #2 (LTO Ventures in the News; Date Change for Rotary Presentation; FRED Conference)
  • January 2013 (Autism Entrepreneurs Center Kick Off; 2013 Event Calendar)
  • December 2012  (Message from Founder, President & CEO; “LIKE” Us on Facebook; Autism Entrepreneurs Center Opening Session January 11)
  • September 2012  (LTO Ventures Unveils Site Plan Concept; Autism Entrepreneurs Center Update; Fall Event Schedule)
  • July 2012  (LTO Ventures Responds to CMS; Michelle Shappie Joins Board; “In Search of the Hybrid Ideal,” an article from Stanford Social Innovation Review magazine)
  • May 2012 (CMS Tries Again to Limit Choice; Autism Entrepreneurs Center; ACAA Summit Report)
  • April 2012 (CMS Reportedly Pulls Back on Community Living; Jessica Campbell Joins Board; ACAA Summit)
  • February 2012 (Venture Philanthropy in Housing for Adults with Autism; The LTO Ventures Community Model – expanded description)
  • January 2012  (Choice v. Olmstead; Autism’s “Fly-Over” Population)